Four State QRP Group
is now meeting at
the Country Cupboard restaurant
in downtown Seneca, Mo.
Country Cupboard
The Country Cupboard has a nice menu and they have a separate meeting room we can use.

The Country Cupboard restaurant is located in the first block north of the blinker light in downtown Seneca.  From Barney's, head north on Cherokee Street (that's the main street of town).  Go across the railroad tracks and keep going past the blinker light stop.
The restaurant is located at 1038 Cherokee street, on the west side of the street. 

Caution:  If you are headed north, do not make a left "J turn" into a parking spot.  "J turns" are illegal in the downtown area.   Keep going north past the restaurant till you reach the residential area north of downtown where a "U turn" is permitted.  Make a U turn there (it's a wide street) and come back to the parking in front of the restaurant.