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AAØZZ EZKeyer from Four State


Kitted and Offered For Sale By The Four State QRP Group
This Kit Has Been Retired

This full featured PIC-based iambic Morse code keyer features 3 memories and very easy use. It has many of the features of the high end keyers while maintaining ease of use. The PIC chips have been programmed by Craig Johnson, AAØZZ, of PIC-EL fame. Commands are entered directly rather than scrolling through menus.

Using a PC board that is only 1.5" x 1.75", this is an EZ-to-build small footprint project with large impact on your operating capabilities, whether in the shack or in the field. It is Altoids® tin compatible, and installation instructions are included in the assembly manual. 4SQRP Group provides sample Altoids® labels in separate PDF files. Please refer to the photo page to see how your Altoids® tin installation might look. And check out the nifty labels for your favorite mint tins.

The kit includes all the parts required to build the kit - push buttons, connectors, speaker, programmed PIC, transistors, caps, diodes - everything but the enclosure and the mints.

First time builders please note: This kit is an ideal first kit to build. It is inexpensive, has a small number of parts and the pc board is uncomplicated. Complete instructions and EZ building assure success..

Specifications and Design Features ... Designed to be an EZ to use full featured keyer there are:
  • Twelve direct-entry commands
  • Three easy-to-use, 31 character memories kept in non-volitile memory (EEPROM)
  • 5-55 wpm speed range,
  • Iambic A or B, straight key, and Cootie Key modes
  • Sequenced Mute Line (Goes low for receiver or T/R switch)
  • Default speed and modes stored in non-volitile memory (EEPROM).
  • Speed entered by command or changed on-the-fly via the paddles
  • Tune Mode
  • Beacon Mode
  • Very long battery life with no power switch - essentially shelf life
  • Current speed reported by command
  • Operating voltage 3-5 volts,
  • Low power - 1ma active and 1uA in sleep mode,
  • 600 Hz sidetone (may be turned off)
  • Autospacing between characters (may be turned off)
  • Dash/Dot swap command
  • Keyed line goes low when active

    Documentation... ALL documentation required to build the kit is listed here, just click the links below.
    Complete Manual (includes Altoids® Tutorial)
    Command List
    Command Quick reference Card
    PC board layout
    PDF files of color coordinated Altoids® Labels - prints at the correct size
    Label Application Instructions
    Altoids Bottom Insulator for all your Altoids® Projects
    Builder's Notes and Pictures

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