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HF Test Set

HF Test Set  

This Kit Has Been Retired

Announced at OzarkCon 2007, The HF Test Set is a multifunction test set for use on your test bench. Designed by Wayne McFee, NB6M, this kit
contains the following individual pieces of test equipment:


  • Frequency Counter
  • Crystal Oscillator
  • Wideband Noise Generator
  • Audio Oscillator
  • 50 Ohm Dummy Load
  • RF Probe
  • Time Domain Reflectometer

Instruction and assembly manual download here:

Download the manual (.pdf)

Errata file download (.pdf)
Important, please read the errata file before building as it answers most questions.

Here are some photos of the prototype, as built by Joe Porter, WMQY. Click picture for larger image.

Counter is measuring the internal crystal oscillator frequency.
Crystal oscillator signal generator is coupled to an antenna.
HF test set front view showing the audio level control and the TDR output. Sorry, the NASCAR box is not included.
HF test set rear view showing the RF oscillator output, DC power input, dummy load input, frequency counter input, noise generator output and audio oscillator output.

The kit includes all onboard components. The builder will provide the enclosure, the connectors and controls.

Only through-hole parts are used in this kit, no SMT parts to solder. This is not a complex project, so beginning builders should be able to successfully complete the project. Each individual test set unit can be built and tested before proceeding on to the next unit.  See  assembly manual download on this page.

The TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) requires an external oscilloscope for this function to be utilized. The TDR can be used to test coaxial transmission lines and will determine the distance to a fault.

Audio output waveform as viewed on a scope and measured on a counter.

This test set will make a handy addition to the QRPer's work bench.

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