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NMØS Ham Can

A 40M Minimalist Transceiver
Designed by David Cripe, NMØS

This Kit Has Been Retired

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Announced at OzarkCon 2011
Kitted and Offered For Sale By The Four State QRP Group

The HAM CAN transceiver is the latest offering in minimalist amateur radio from the Four State QRP Group! The HAM CAN is a crystal-controlled CW transceiver, delivering 1/2 to 1W transmit power, with enough sensitivity and selectivity to receive plenty of signals. It does all this with only TWO transistors!

The “Ham Can” is a minimalist transceiver designed to be very simple and inexpensive, yet provide good performance. The low cost kit sacrifices nothing in the way of quality. It features a high quality printed circuit board, low parts count and fast and easy building. It is an excellent kit for first time builders, and was chosen as the Build Session kit for OzarkCon 2011. It is also one of two kits chosen for the 2011 ARRL Midwest Division Convention's Buildathon. The other is our AAØZZ EZKeyer

This NMØS design features an innovative power switch. Your straight key plug also serves as the on and off switch, i.e. Just plugging in the key powers up the rig automatically. Designed to be as small as possible and still use through hole parts, it will fit on top of a 3 oz ham snack can, while a 9 volt battery resides inside the can, thus making self contained portable rig. Brand names with cans this size are Armour, Bryan, Fancy Feast and probably many others. The builder can enjoy a snack while obtaining the enclosure :o)

First time builders please note: This kit is not difficult to build. All parts are thru hole parts, there are NO SMT parts, and all connectors are board mounted which eliminates point to point wiring. After all the parts are installed it's ready to try out.

Specifications and Design Features
Regenerative crystal-oscillator-filter design
Smooth and easy regeneration control due to 25 turn pot
Direct conversion
Crystal controlled on 7122 kc
Plenty of sensitivity for 40M - audio stage drives earphones
Amazing QSK, you can hear received signals while you are transmitting!
Keyed oscillator operating in class C
.5 to 1 watt output into 50 ohms
600 HZ offset to facilitate hearing the other station
Pleasing bell like signal,   click here to hear

Assembly Manual
Parts List
Board Pictorial courtesy of W9HCZ
G3OTH Review  Posted with permission, thank you Russ.

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