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Designed by
Dave Benson, K1SWL

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Kitted and Offered For Sale By The Four State QRP Group        

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Dave Benson K1SWL, founder of the renown Small Wonder Labs, has come up with another winning design. Four State QRP Group is honored to have been selected to kit the new transceiver. The Hilltopper is a high performance CW transceiver for the 20M meter band. It is the perfect solution to your portable operation needs - small, lightweight, wide 20 meter frequency coverage and low current drain, extending the life of your portable power source. The receiver is adapted from K1SWL’s SW+ Series with minor modifications. The front-end circuitry was revised to replace the now-vanished 10.7 MHz IF transformers. The receiver output is suitable for headphone use.

The transmitter strip is a proven design using three BS170 transistors for the PA. The frequency source for both transmitting and receiving is a DDS VFO employing a Si5351 PLL module. Control for the rig is provided by an Atmel ATmega328P. This runs both the frequency control and the full-featured CW keyer.

A custom silk-screened PCB enclosure is included with the kit. No drilling or cutting required!

There are two pre-installed SMT ICs on the board, but the remainder are ALL THROUGH HOLE parts, and all jacks and connectors are board mounted, the combination making this kit very easy to assemble with no external wiring needed.

Clubs and Groups Please Note! Group discounts are available, 5 kit minimum order required.
Specifications and Design Features
    Transceiver: Full-function CW
    VFO: Si5351 PLL
    Frequency Range: 14.000 - 14.350
    Frequency Readout: Audio Morse
    Tuning: 100 hz/20 hz steps
    Reverse Voltage Protection: Series diode protection
    Single Bander: 20M only.
    Size: The board is 4.35 x 3.95 x 1.07 and weighs 8 oz
    Power Supply: 12 volt battery or bench supply.
    Current requrements Receive: Approximately 64 ma, Transmit: <700 ma.
    Keying: On-the-fly CW speed adjustment control
    Type: Single-conversion superhet, 5.185MHz IF
    Sensitivity: Minimum Discernible Signal (MDS) -118 dBm.
    Mixer: SA612AD 8-pin SOIC-8 IC
    Current Requirement: 64 ma.
    QSK: Full QSK.
    Audio: Headphones.
    Power Output: ~5 Watts
    Final Amp: 3x BS170
    Spectral Purity: All harmonics and spurs are 50dB or more below the carrier.
    Current Requirement: <700 ma.

    Assembly Manual
    Errata Sheet
    Performance Improvements
    Board Layout Part location.
    Part List BOM
    Photo Page Rig pix, part ID, and building tips.
    Elecraft's Excellent Capacitor Identification Page  Posted with permission.
    Electronics 2000's Excellent Resistor Code Graphic Calculator  Posted with permission.
The Hilltopper-20 is carefully kitted and shipped by Jim Pruitt, WA7DUY
Please direct shipping, kit, and part related questions to Jim
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