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Ozark 17
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Ozark 17
Designed by
Tommy Henderson
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Kitted and Offered For Sale By The Four State QRP Group        

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The Ozark 17 is a CW transceiver kit for the 17 meter band. It features a VXO controlled superhet receiver and a separate VXO controlled transmitter, often called an RXTX rig. This design has built in RIT. Power output is approximately 1.5 watt. Both the receiver and transmitter are built on one single sided pc board. The design features excellent sensitivity and great performance. If you ever wanted to get on 17M with a QRP rig, the Ozark 17 will get you there nicely. The sidetone is heard through the receiver when transmitting, so just line up sidetone with the frequency of the station to be called and fire away. The receiver features a low noise front-end on Hi IP mixer. The kit employs mostly through hole parts, with only two ICs. Only the diodes are non-SMT parts, they are large and easily soldered.

This is a difficult kit designed for very experienced builders. We do not recommend this for the beginning or average builder.

Clubs and Groups Please Note! Group discounts are available, 5 kit minimum order required.
Specifications and Design Features
    Single Bander: 17 Meters only, 80 and 40M also ?? See Tommy's notes
    RXTX: Split Tx and Rx resulting in built in RIT.
    Superhet Receiver: 55dB typical opposite sideband rejection.
    Frequency Coverage ~18.090 to 18.100 easy to change during build.
    Power Supply: 9-12 volt battery, or shack power supply.
    Current requrements Receive XX ma, transmit XXX ma
    Superhet Design: 55dB typical opposite sideband rejection.
    Sensitivity: MDS better than -125dBm (-135 typ).
    IMD3: XX dB typical
    IP3: +XX dBm typical.
    IF Filter 3 pole crystal filter at 6.0 MHz.
    Selectivity: IF filter is 275 Hz wide, centered on 650Hz .
    Quiet: Only 3.5 dB noise figure, unhook the antenna, you'll be amazed.
    QSK: Full QSK, no pops or thumps..
    Tuning: Separate varactor tuned Colpitts VFO.
    Volume Control: Included
    Audio Limiting: For safe listening.
    IMD: Excellent IMD performance, XXX dB.
    Power Output: 1.5W ??
    Final Amp Design: Class C ???
    Spectral Purity: All harmonics and spurs are 50dB or more below the carrier.
    QSK: Full QSK, no pops or thumps.
    Tuning: Separate varactor tuned Colpitts VFO.
    Assembly Manual
    Receiver Schematic - old
    Transmitter Schematic - old
    Board Layout Part location.
    Part List BOM
    Photo Page Rig pix, part ID, and building tips.
    Link to the original SMD version web page, info only.

    Electronics 2000's Excellent Capacitor Identification Page  Posted with permission.
    Electronics 2000's Excellent Resistor Code Graphic Calculator  Posted with permission.

The Ozark 17 is carefully kitted and shipped by Ron Potter AG1P
Please direct shipping, kit, and part related questions to Ron
All proceeds are applied toward funding OzarkCon.   Thank you for supporting The Four State QRP Group.
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