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Designer Dream Boards

Designer Dream Boards
Designed by Jim Kortge K8IQY

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These PC boards are targeted at the DIY designer/builder who would like to construct their own RF or control designs using time tested bits of circuitry, already in a PC board environment. The boards facilitate the construction of a myriad of of RF systems or sub-systems including receiver, converters, transmitters, and etc. utilizing builder supplied parts. Each circuit “element” has its input(s), output(s), and control(s) via 2-pin headers, or alternately, pad-to-pad wiring. An ample bread boarding area is included on each board for building pieces of circuitry not already provided by the standard elements. The Designer Dream #1 (DD#1) board will be most useful for low level RF work such a receivers and converters and the Designer Dream #2 (DD#2) board is targeted for higher level RF amplifiers and the like. Each board is 5.0 X 3.25 inches in size and are intended to be mounted with standard passive PCB standoff hardware. No parts list, nor any parts, are included. Work from the schematic and parts layout picture as you build.
Note: Pse post all technical questions to the Dream Board Yahoo Group. Click here to go there.

Designer Dream Board #1
1. Power Conditioner - Regulator
2. Crystal Controlled Utility Oscillator
3. Two Transistor Power Switches, 5A and 500ma
4. Two Low Noise Amplifiers
5. Double Balanced Mixer - MiniCircuits ADE series
6. 4-Pole Crystal Filter
7. Double Tuned Band Pass Filter
8. 5-Pole Low Pass Filter/Attenuator
9. Bread Boarding Area for discrete components or ICs

Designer Dream Board #2
1. Driver Amplifier
2. Final Amplifier
3. 5 Pole Low Pass Filter
4. Bread Boarding Area for discrete components or ICs

Board 1 Schematic
Board 1 Part Layout
Board 2 Schematic
Board 2 Part Layout
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