K3PEG's Enhanced Manhattanİ Artwork

Here are some examples of Larry's great artistic talent. Be sure to click the first picture to view the PDF file. Enlarge it 200%, it's very much worth a look. The second set of pictures are of his Enhanced Elsie LC Meter. The one on the right shows the Enhanced Manhattanİ building technique. More on that in the build instructions. Just below those is the layout of K8IQY's original Manhattan 2N2/40. Scroll down and look them over.

Examples Of Larry's Enhanced Manhattanİ Art. Click Image For A PDF file
To Enlarge For Greater Detail. Especially Look At The Detail In The Xverter Drawing.
Enlarge it to 200% To See The Minute Detail and Wonderful artwork.

Enhanced Elsie Layout

Larry's Artistic 2N2/40 Enhanced Manhattan Layout