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Welcome to the Cricket Society
hosted by
Bill Dekle, KV6Z
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Become a Cricketeer!!!!
And enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership in the
Four State Cricket Society

To qualify for membership and receive an e-certificate suitable for framing,
complete 10 QSOs (with 10 different stations) using the 4S Cricket transceiver.
To further clarify: Any QSO is OK as long as the applicant used a Cricket.
The QSOs must be with 10 different stations, but the other stations can be using any rig.
A Cricket-to-Cricket QSO simply gives 1 QSO to both stations.
Click here to see a sample e-certificate

Send your log in an email  to dekle@atlasok.com .
Or you can send a paper log to:
Membership Chairman – 4S Cricket Society
Bill Dekle KV6Z
9847 Canyon Road
Claremore, OK 74017

Sequential membership numbers will be assigned in the order the logs are received.  Enjoy being a Cricketeer!!

73 Bill KV6Z