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Welcome to the Cricket Society
hosted by
Ron Potter, AG1P
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Become a Cricketeer!!!!
And enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership in the
Four State Cricket Society

To qualify for membership in the 4S Cricket Society and receive an e-certificate suitable for framing,
complete 10 QSOs using a 4S Cricket transceiver. The 10 QSOs may be on any band your Cricket was
designed for or can be “mixed band” QSOs as long as you used a Cricket transceiver.
The other stations can be using any rig.
Your QSO log for any band must show 10 different stations. For “mixed band”, the stations must be
different within each band. A Cricket-to-Cricket QSO simply gives 1 QSO to both stations.
Click here to see a to see a sample Cricketeer Certificate.

Send your log in an email to ag1p@earthlink.net .
Or, you can send a paper log to:
     Membership Chairman - 4S Cricket Society
              Ron Potter AG1P
              Four State QRP Group
              PO Box 478
              Waldport, OR 97394.
Be sure to include band or frequency information for each QSO in your log so the appropriate
endorsement e-sticker can be affixed to your certificate (either a monoband sticker or “mixed band” sticker).
Sequential membership numbers will be assigned in the order the logs are received.
Additional endorsements are encouraged and may be applied for at any time.
Your Cricket Society Member number will not change for additional endorsements.
Endorsements are limited to 1 per band and 1 for “mixed band”. No QSO used to earn one
endorsement may be "reused" to earn a different one. Contacting the same station that appears
in the log for a previous endorsement is perfectly fine for use in a new endorsement as long as it is a
separate QSO. (You still need to show different stations within each endorsement log as described earlier.)
Include your Cricket Society Member number in your application for additional endorsements.
A new certificate will then be sent to you with all earned endorsements.

A Big Thank You goes out to Bill Dekle, KV6Z, for donating the time to originate this award!!

Enjoy being a Cricketeer!!