SS-40 Photo Page

Left Side View OF Prototype

Right Side View Of Prototype

Front Panel View Of Prototype

Production PC Board

AI2H Barry Ryan's comments about his SS-40 conversion to a DDS VFO and his pictures below.

Minoru Nomura, JA9BSL's FB enclosure

Katsumi Seto, JA7QIL's Beautiful SS-40

JA7QIL's SS-40 Rear Vier

Katsumi Seto, JA7QIL's SS-40 Board View

JA9BSL's Grandchildren Transmitter - The Bambino

JA9BSL's SS-40 and Companion Bambino Transmitter

WĜOTMs Four State Combo.
Click image for more pictures.

KX5X DDS Transceiver. Click image for more pictures and full description

SS-40HT populated board, K8IQY photo

SS-40HT populated board, K8IQY photo