The Repeat-After-Delay Command "D", aka Beacon Mode.

The D command is used in conjunction with sending messages stored in memory. When a "D" is entered, the keyer requests one character. The operator enters one digit - from 0 to 9 - which indicates the number of seconds of delay after a message is sent and before the message is sent again. i.e a 2 = 2 sec delay. Note: This is different from the original EZKeyer II where 2 = 1 sec delay.

The keyer continues to repeat the current message until one or both of the paddles are pressed. When desired, entering a zero or no character will disable the repeating..

This function was provided especially for Contesters, Beaconeers and QRPers. Not only useful for beacons, it also is useful for calling CQ automatically with enough delay between calls to hear a response. Call-Listen, Call-Listen, etc. This is a technique used by contesters and many QRPers.

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