The Stuck Key Feature

When a stuck paddle hits the airwaves, it generates much attention, occupies bandwidth, and irritates listeners. Craig has added a feature to the EZKeyer II-i that eliminates that possibility. A counting loop in the code turns off the keyer after it sends 72 continous dots, dashes, OR MESSAGES. A push button fault is thus covered also.
On a crowded bench it is quite possible to move something against a paddle holding it closed and not notice it, or place an item on top of the push buttons. My keyer is installed on the top of my 2N2/20 (see photopage) so this is a possibility for me. If one is wearing headphones, the sidetone may not be noticed when they are removed and the op leaves the room - but hundreds of other ops will notice, and comment on various large email lists (e.g. QRP-L and Four State).
In addition to the above, the shut down feature prevents possible damage to rig due to heat related issues. Well designed rigs will not overheat of course, but some non commercial transmitters, like some of my homebrew efforts, have been known to become hot with over use.
The rig must be turned of and then back on to clear the shutdown feature.
So the EZKeyer II-i provides rig protection and embarrassment prevention, and in a way, says "72" when your rig stops sending. Install the EZKeyer II-i and operate with confidence.
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WAĜITP 9/7/2016