Freq-Mite Installation Notes

The best point to inject the Freq-Mite's audio annunciation is just in front of the audio amplifier. Place a high value resistor in series between the Freq-Mite and the injection point, 100k(supplied) to several megohms may be neccessary depending on the gain of your rig's audio amp.

The Freq-Mite's RF input should be connected to a low impedance point in the VFO. The emitter in the buffer, or the VFO itself, will usually suffice.

Connection points for various rigs are provided in the links below. By comparing the schematic of your rig to these, you should have enough information to connect the Freq-Mite to just about any rig. If you install the Freq-Mite in a rig other than those below, please share your success. Send similar info to

HW-8 Transceiver Installation by WD8RIF, great instruction page.
SW+ Transceiver Series.
2N2 Transceiver Series.
SS-40 Receiver.
Ten Tec model 1330.
Dedicated Piezo Speaker
LM386 Audio Amp.
Pictorial Hookup Diagram

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