David Cripe, NMØS Ham Radio BIO

David Cripe, NMØS, is currently a senior design engineer at Rockwell-Collins in Cedar Rapids IA.

He holds an Extra Class and has been licensed since 1981 His radio related interests include QRP, high-performance crystal radio design, regenerative and direct-conversion receivers, Class-E power amplifiers, antenna design, and vintage equipment.

He has authored seven design and construction articles for '73 Amateur Radio' magazine.

His entry into the 2007 ARRL Homebrew Challenge Design Contest received honorable mention. And his innovative 40 Meter Class E transmitter was the overall winner at the 2008 Four Days In May homebrew contest.

In his professional career, he has contributed to the design of military and commercial transmitters, ranging from VLF to FM. Former employers include Westinghouse, Broadcast Electronics, Harris, and Siemens.

Dave is scheduled to be a speaker at the 2009 FDIM at the Dayton Hamfest, presenting a program on Class-E power amplifiers.