Tenna Dipper Builders Alerts

Builders Alert (April 11, 2005): About 25 kits shipped in the first part of April, 2005 may have an incorrect part. Please check to see that you have a 150 k resistor for R9.  Some kits had a 510K resistor by mistake.  The resistor should be Brown-Green-Yellow.  If you can not find one in your junk box or a ham friend, send a note to NØMQ and he will send you one.  Thanks and sorry about this mistake.....


Builders Alert (February 21, 2004): If you received a Tenna Dipper kit between January 15 and February 21, 2004, there is a possibility that you may have received an incorrectly programmed 12C508A PIC counter chip for part U3. The incorrect chips may function, but are not as stable when used in the Tenna Dipper.

Unfortunately, there is no way to visually determine if you have the wrong chip. If you have not built your kit yet, it is recommended that you use a 8 pin DIP socket when installing U3 (12C508A). When you power up the Tenna Dipper, the incorrect chip sends "V2" in morse code. The correct chip sends "TDV1".

If you discover an incorrect chip, contact Gene Sailsbury at the E-Mail address listed on the Tenna Dipper kits page to request a replacement chip. All kits shipped after February 21st will have the correct chip.

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Updated August 19, 2005