K7WA's "Tenna Dipper"

by Jim Hadlock, K7WA

Yes, I used a 10 turn pot (it cost nearly as much as the Tenna Dipper Kit!) - the pot works very smoothly and makes the Dipper easy to tune.

The plastic case has a battery access panel which I use to access the DIP Switch and Hi/Lo jumper to change bands.

I used the Tenna Dipper on the recent Washington Salmon Run to tune my mobile and portable antennas - it worked great! I have a Force12 40-XK vertical dipole which is a great antenna, but requires some tuning to get dialed in on each band - the Tenna Dipper does an excellent job of finding resonance and letting me know whether the antenna is above or below the desired frequency.

73, Jim K7WA



Updated October 21, 2004