Four State QRP Group

Four State

Our group is an informal organization with no rules,
no dues or any other things to get in the way of having fun with QRP.

We have three ways to become a member of Four State QRP Group.

  • Registering for, and attending the annual OzarkCon event is automatic membership.

  • Subscribe to the Four State QRP Group E-Mail Reflector (

  • [or] Register to (only) have your Call Sign listed as a 4SQRP Operator in the Group's Operator List.

  • To use these, new and current members must use 'Register' (above)
    to establish the necessary information in the database.

  • Change my Password.
  • Update my e-mail address.
  • Update my Call Sign.

The Four State QRP Group "Operator List" is a listing of
Call Signs for those which have used at least one of the methods listed above.

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