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Soup'er Up'er Accessory
for Bayou Jumper
Designed by
David Martin, NA1MH

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Wow that was fast! The first run has sold out already, and we're temporarily out of stock.
Parts are on order and the next run will be available asap.
Thank you for the tremendous interest in this outstanding kit.
The Soup'er Up'er is an add-on accessory board for the Bayou Jumper that adds a sidetone for transmitting, receiver fine tuning, and the Hi-Per-Mite CW Filter - all on one board for the Bayou Jumper. This is no small feat and Dave Martin, NA1MH has burned the midnight oil to bring this excellent accessory to you. The Soup'er Up'er mounts on the bottom of the Bayou Jumper's circuit board and does not require cutting any traces.
Clubs and Group Builders Please Note! Club and Group Builds will receive a quantity discount, 5 kit minimum order required. Contact Ron AG1P (good on QRZ) for more info.
Specifications and Design Features
    The Soup'er Up'er adds the following features to the Bayou Jumper.
      Sidetone for transmit
      Fine tuning for the receiver
      Hi-Per-Mite CW Filter
    Additional Specs below:
    Power Supply: Connects to the Bayou Jumper.
    Dimensions: The PC Board is 2.93" x 1.94"
    Current Requirement: The circuit draws only 16.5 ma.
    Enclosure: Not needed, installs inside the Bayou Jumper enclosure.

2021 Version for Bayou Jumper Rev B and newer

    2021 Assembly Manual
    2021 Schematic
    2021 Parts List bom
    2021 Board Layout part location

Original Version

    Assembly Manual
    Pre-2021 Parts List bom
    Board Layout part location
    Drill Template - front panel. Not needed for Rev A and newer
    Drill Template - circuit board. Not needed for Rev A and newer
    Photo Page Rig pix and building tips
    Electronics 2000's Excellent Capacitor Identification Page  Posted with permission.
    Electronics 2000's Excellent Resistor Code Graphic Calculator Posted with permission

The Soup'r U'per is carefully kitted and shipped by Louis Warner, KB1UYS.
Please direct shipment related questions to Louis
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