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Kitted and Offered For Sale By The Four State QRP Group        

Building on the popular EZKeyer and EZKeyer II, this third generation very capable Morse Code keyer has some additional features - a beautiful new easy building enclosure, a smaller footprint, new PIC microcontroller, Speed Pot, larger message memories, new printed circuit board layout, and large push button switches. All connectors, switches, the speed pot, and components are board mounted, making the keyer completely self contained on the board. No external parts or wires are required (excepting battery leads).

It has many of the features of a high end keyer while remaining very user friendly. The EZKeyer III been designed and programmed by Craig Johnson, AAØZZ, of PIC-EL fame, and the commands are entered directly with the paddles rather than scrolling through menus. With overall dimensions of only 3" x 2.75" x 1.75", this quick building small footprint project will have a big impact on your operating capabilities, whether in the shack or in the field. Room is reserved in the enclosure for a 3 AA battery pack, they should last a loong time, approx. a year.

This kit is an easy kit to build, only taking about an hour to complete. All parts are through hole parts making for an easy build. All connectors and switches are board mounted which eliminates point to point wiring, and after all the parts are installed it's ready to try out. The kit includes Everything required to build the keyer - switches, speed pot, connectors, speaker, programmed PIC, components, AND a nifty enclosure - everything except the batteries and solder.

Specifications and Design Features
  • Beautiful silk screened and easy building PCB enclosure
  • Command List is silk screened on bottom of enclosure, No Printed list needed
  • New, more powerful PIC Microcontroller.
  • New "P" command for Speed Pot Control.
  • Delay and Repeat (D) command especially for Contesters, Beaconeers and QRPers.  More Info Here
  • Three easy-to-use memories 1 with 47 character capacity and two with 95 each, stored in non-volatile memory (EEPROM).
  • Three high quality, full size, panel mount (top cover) pushbuttons.
  • 5-55 wpm speed range in three user selectable ranges for easy speed adjustments.
  • Iambic A or B, straight (Cootie) key,and Bug modes.
  • Sequenced Mute Line (Goes low for receiver muting or a T/R switch).
  • All settings stored in non-volitile memory (EEPROM).
  • Speed controlled by Speed Pot, direct command, or on-the-fly via the paddles.
  • Tune Mode.
  • Operating voltage 3-5 volts, 3 AA alkaline batteries are ideal.
  • Very low current requirement - 1ma active and 1uA in sleep mode.
  • Very long (essentially shelf) battery life - no power switch required.
  • 600 Hz sidetone (may be turned off).
  • Provision for on board piezo speaker OR a larger, louder piezo in the enclosure.
  • Autospacing between characters (may be turned off).
  • Dash/Dot paddle swap command
  • Keyed line goes low when active
  • Note: Dont use the EZKeyer III with tube transmitters without an interface.

    Assembly Manual
    Command List

    Electronics 2000's Excellent Capacitor Identification Page  Posted with permission.
    Electronics 2000's Excellent Resistor Code Graphic Calculator  Posted with permission.

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    The EZKeyer III is carefully kitted and shipped by Robert "Bert" McClendon, NØYJ.
    Please direct shipment related questions to Bert
    All proceeds are applied toward funding OzarkCon.   Thank you for supporting The Four State QRP Group.

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