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Four State Dummy Load SMD Starter Kit
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Previously kitted and retired
by the Four State QRP Group
But all documentation will remain for
those wishing an SMD soldering reference.
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Since the retirement of the excellent Norcal SMD Dummy Load, many inquires as to the availability of an SMD starter have appeared on various internet email lists. This kit provides that SMD starter experience in a very inexpensive and useful accessory to your QRP ham shack.

This kit is offerred as an inexpensive means of learning how to solder SMD components. Soldering SMD components isnt difficult, it just requires different techniques than through hole parts. Once you get the hang of it, you may discover that it can actually be faster than thru hole components.

Specifications and Design Features ... This is a QRP power level SMD Dummy Load, 40-2000 ohm 1/4 watt 1206 SMD resistors are soldered in parallel to make a 50 ohm load. An RMS RF probe is included to estimate output power with your DMM and an oscilloscope for monitoring waveforms can be connected also. The design survived a 2 hour test at the 4 watt power level.

Documentation... Click here for the Assembly Instructions. The assembly manual includes, many photographs, and diagrams. The kit can be easily built from the pictures. A link to KD1JV's fine You Tube video is included. Also described and linked is Paul Alexander (SK), WB9IPA's very easy skillet soldering method, Cash Olsen, KD5SSJ's Embossing gun technique, and an easy hand soldering technique.

Uses ... Dummy loads can be used for determining output power, aligning and peaking transmitter output, or anytime you wish to use your transmitter with a known load, and without transmitting a signal on the air - such as viewing waveforms on an oscilloscope or determining heat generation.

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