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EFHW Experimenter Boards

NEW!EFHW Antenna Experimenter Boards
Designed by Bryan Nehl KØEMT

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If you like to tinker with electronics, swapping out parts and measuring results, these EFHW Antenna Experimenter Boards are for you. If you are looking to build a kit to try out an end fed antenna, you probably should look elsewhere.

The boards are designed to accommodate:
-- coax ground to L2 or not
-- cap on primary or secondary
-- "traditional" winding with both L starting on shared ground
-- AA5TB style winding, capacitive coupled only
-- FT82-43 core, room for some binocular cores
-- experimentation with single band matching using Type 2 or 6 cores

Through holes for capacitors provided are intended for finer leads. Future boards should probably have larger holes for caps.

You should be able to operate with 100W with an FT82-43 core. Various other value toroids can be ordered from places such as W8DIZ and N4ESS

A quantity discount is available for Club and Group builds, 5 kit minimum order required.

Specifications and Design Features
    feature: Flexible for configurations
    feature: Supports binocular cores
    feature: Great experimenters platform

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Ordering Information:
The cost of this kit is $11 plus shipping. The drop down menu items below include shipping costs.
DX Buyers - DX shipping has become extremely volatile with extended delivery items and lost shipments. We have suspended all non-US orders as a result.

US Orders Only
If paying by check or money order (US dollars only) please make it out to "Four State QRP Group" and send to:

Ron Potter AG1P
Four State QRP Group
PO Box 1117
Fernley, NV 89408

Due to high bank processing fees, we can no longer accept Canadian Money Orders.

The EFHW is carefully kitted and shipped by Johnny Matlock ACØBQ

Please direct all kit and part related questions to Johnny
All proceeds are applied toward funding OzarkCon.   Thank you for supporting The Four State QRP Group.

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