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NMØS Power/SWR Meter
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a QRP Power/SWR Meter
Designed by David Cripe, NMØS

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4SQRP QRPometer
This Kit Has Been Retired

Dubbed the QRPometer during development, this useful accessory is a highly accurate and easy to use power and swr indicating meter. Unusual in any pwer meter, the range of accurate power measurement extends down to a low 100 milliwatts. It has a large digital display and boasts an accuracy level that few, if any, similar meters on the market can match. A unique design feature is that 2 circuit boards are included in the kit, they form the front and back of the enclosure. The boards are shiny black so there is no need to buy, build, or paint an enclosure.

** Note: ** The black board option has been discontinued. Only the green option is now offered. below. Click here for a picture comparing the two boards side by side.

This kit was conceived to fill a need within the hobby for an inexpensive, highly accurate VSWR and RF power meter for QRP power levels. The QRPometer uses simple analog signal-processing circuitry to provide a set of essential measurement features not previously available in a single unit. High quality, double sided, printed circuit board construction is used, with solder mask and silk screened component reference designators. All components are through-hole for easy assembly. NO toroids are required. All controls and jacks are PCB mounted, and a single, four conductor ribbon cable is the only wiring necessary. The QRPometer can be constructed by beginners as well as experienced builders. Construction time is approximately 3 hours, depending on experience level. The only equipment required for calibration of the QRPometer is a digital voltmeter, and a QRP transmitter.

First time builders please note: This kit is not difficult to build. All parts are thru hole parts, there are NO SMT parts. The parts are wide spaced on the board making installation easy, and all connectors are board mounted which eliminates point to point wiring. Also note that there are No TOROIDS to wind - none.

NOTE: New Part Additions - At no additional cost two RCA to BNC adapters are now included in the kit to facilitate connections for builders using cables with BNC connectors.

Specifications and Design Features
Accuracy:  Power, 2% Typical
                  VSWR, 5% Typical
Power Range: 100 mW to 8 Watts
Frequency Range: 160 Meters thru 10 Meters
Large Digital Display The digits are .52" in height.
Sensitivity: Direct readout on 3 1/2 digit LCD display. Minimum resolution 10 mW.
Enclosure: Silk Screened PC boards create the enclosure, no need to purchase one.
No Toroids: There are no toroids in this kit.

Assembly Manual
Assembly Manual in Japanese Translation by Takayama Shigekazu, JA1XRQ, thank you Shig-san.
Parts List
Tight Regulator Syndrome
Manual de Montaje, traducido por Jon EA2SN.
Lista de componentes, traducido por Jon EA2SN.
Parts Placement Silk Screen
Photo Page
Elecraft's Excellent Capacitor Identification Page  Posted with permission.
Electronics 2000 Resistor Code Graphic calculator  Posted with permission.

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