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4S-1W Fox Hunt Attenuator
Designed by David Cripe, NMØS

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Kitted and Offered For Sale By The Four State QRP Group        

Originally designed for new Boy Scout hams to build and use, this kit was introduced at OzarkCon 2016. It is a simple 1 watt RF attenuator which is very useful for VHF Fox(transmitter) Hunting. When the hunter is close to the transmitter beacon, the signal overloads the receiver (usually a hand held) and an attenuator must be used to regain sensitivity for the final "pounce". This kit provides that attenuator.
Most of the assembly revolves around assembling the PCB enclosure, and an experienced builder will have the whole kit assembled in about 30 minutes. The kit contains three very large SMD resistors, they are 1/4" long by 1/8" wide which is the same length but wider than a standard 1/4W resistor with leads, these big SMD parts are super easy to solder! If you would like an attenuation other than 20dB, click on the link to MØUKD's calculator.
Not familiar with VHF transmitter hunting? It's great fun, for more info here is a good source for Fox Hunting articles
This is an excellent club project and a quantity discount is available, 5 piece minimum order pse.
Specifications and Design Features
    Attenuation: 20 dB attenuation as kitted.
    Optional Attenuation: Can be built for 1 to 30dB with your own resistors (through hole or smd).
    Enclosure: Attractive silk screened, pre-drilled, and easy building PCB enclosure is included in the kit
    Enclosure dimensions: 2.0" x 1.125" x .75"
    Connectors: Board mounted BNC connectors.
    Assembly Manual
    Part List BOM
    PCB Layout Part Location.
    Photo Page Rig pix and building tips.
    MØUKD's FB PI Attenuator Calculator Posted with permission.
Ordering Information: The cost of this kit is $15, plus shipping. The PayPal buttons below include shipping costs.
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If paying by check or money order (US dollars only) please make it out to "Four State QRP Group" and send to:
Tom Brown WØMFQ
PO Box 627
St. Charles, MO 63302
The Attenuator is carefully kitted by the Mount Vernon, IA Boy Scout Troop 40 Amateur Radio Club, WNØBSA.
Please direct shipping, kit availability, and part related questions to WAØITP
All proceeds are applied toward funding OzarkCon.   Thank you for supporting The Four State QRP Group.

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