Installation Notes

Detailed installations for several popular rigs are described below, click on the appropriate link. If your rig isn't included in the list, a good starting point is to inject the keyer's audio output is just in front of the audio amplifier, at the top or wiper of the volume control. In any case you may need to experiment with the value at R1 on the keyer board (100k supplied). Zero ohms to several megohms may be neccessary depending on the gain of your rig's audio amp, where you make the connection, and the volume you want..

Connection points for various rigs are provided in the links below. By comparing the schematic of your rig to these, you should have enough information to connect the EZKeyer II-i to just about any rig. If you install the keyer in a rig other than those below, please share your success by sending your connection info to wa0itp@4sqrp.com and it will be added to the list.

Pictorial Hookup Diagram
SWL SW+ Transceiver Series.
SWL DSW series
2N2 Transceiver Series.
SS-40 RXTX Transceiver.

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