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Cricket 20
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Cricket 20
Designed by
David Cripe NMØS and
Virginia Smith NV5F

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Kitted and Offered For Sale By The Four State QRP Group        
The Cricket is a low cost entry level minimalist CW transceiver for the 20 meter band. The 40M version was chosen as the build session kit for OzarkCon 2019, it bears a family resemblance to the well known but much lower performing Pixie. However it is very different and vastly improved over the Pixie. This is NOT a Pixie, it is far superior! It features low parts count, better components including MOSFETs for better sensitivity and switching, and a modern NJM2113D audio amp.
A TX/RX offset is also incuded so that you can work other stations that have zero beat you, or are using a crystal on the same frequncy. Full QSK and a sidetone complete the essential operating features. Dave’s famous etched spiral coils are included on the pc board, so there are NO TOROIDS to wind. Additionally a straight key is included on the pc board, just snap it off, mount it on the board, and the whole rig is then self contained. Also included is an electronic keyer adapter - you can use your favorite keyer with the Cricket! These are many features for such a low parts count and inexpensive transceiver.
ALL THROUGH HOLE parts make this kit very easy to assemble. It will make a fine, fully functional, and educational first rig for a new builder, the new ham, or seasoned veterans wishing to just have fun with a new rig at minimal expense and effort.
This simple rig is fun and functional, and made many contacts at OzarkCon after the build session. A proven design and a great choice for your next rig, it is perfect for a group build with nets and contacts after the build. This is an excellent club project.
Clubs and Groups Please Note! Group discounts are available, 5 kit minimum order required. Contact the kitter at the email address below.
Join the Cricket Society! Earn Awards! Experience the comaraderie of the Cricket! More info here.
Specifications and Design Features
    Transceiver: Fully functional transceiver.
    QSK Yes! Full QSK with fast, high speed switching.
    TR/RX Offest: Yes! Can hear a zero beat station, with no offset they wouldn’t be heard.
    Sidetone: Yes! Great keying aide, unusual in such a low parts count rig.
    Low Part Count: Only 43 total electrical components (the Pixie has 34).
    NO Toroids: NO toroids to wind, all inductors are etched on board spiral coils..
    Reverse Voltage Protection: Battery clips prevent reverse connection.
    Self Contained: Both the battery and a straight key are board mounted.
    Keyer Adapter: An electronic keyer adapter is included - use your favorite keyer.
    Single Bander: 20M only.
    Crystal Controlled: 14.030 and 14.060 crystals are included in the kit.
    Fast Assembly: Approx. 1 hour for an experienced builder.
    No Alignment: None needed, put it on the air immediatly after assembly.
    Size: The board is 6" x 3.5" including a 1/2" snap off piece that becomes the board mounted key.
    Power Supply: 9 volt on board battery.
    Current requrements Receive: less than 10ma, Transmit: less than 80ma.
    Direct Conversion: No 60 cycle hum or AM BCB interference at most locations.
    Sensitivity: Minimum Discernible Signal (MDS) -110 dBm (~S3) well below the normal 20M noise level.
    MOSFET Mixer: Far superior to the Pixie's NPN mixer - better immunity to AM broadcast interference and 60 Hz hum.
    Current Requirement: Less than 10ma (!).
    QSK: Full QSK.
    Audio: Modern audio IC amplifier. Sounds good, and plenty of volume for headphones/earbuds.
    Chirps NOT Included Most Crickets chirp :o) this one doesn’t.
    Power Output: ~.700 Watt
    Final Amp: 2N7000 in Class E for cool efficiency. No heat sink needed.
    Spectral Purity: All harmonics and spurs are 50dB or more below the carrier.
    Current Requirement: Less than 80ma.
    Robust: Will transmit into an open antenna jack with no damage.
    Assembly Manual
    Board Layout Part locations.
    Part List BOM
    Photo Page Rig pix, part ID, and building tips.
    Introduction to the Cricket by NMØS
    Become a Cricketeer! Click here to join the Four State Cricket Society.
    Electronics 2000's Excellent Capacitor Identification Page  Posted with permission.
    Electronics 2000's Excellent Resistor Code Graphic Calculator  Posted with permission.
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The Cricket 20 is carefully kitted and shipped by John Kitchens NS6X.
Please direct DX shipping cost, kit availability, part related questions to John
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