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Welcome to the "Heard All States, HASA, Award" page

The Heard All States Award, HASA, is the idea of James Lynes - KE4MIQ
(Thanks, James!)

Ears are all you need to earn the award. It is quite simple really, just keep a record of the States you have heard.

When you are ready for the certificate, please email your log and request the certificate,
Finish this "log application" with your name and call ( as you want it printed on your certificate), and a statement, "I have completed the required contacts and I have abided by the rules in submitting this request for the 4SQRP 'Heard All States Award' ".   Include the date of your submission and your e-mail address.

E-mail your submission to: - with a subject line of "HASA AWARD REQUEST <call sign>".

Any version of MS Word, Excel, Notepad or Adobe Acrobat will do. If we can't open it and verify the log, you will get a request for another submission.

In a few days you should receive an Adobe Acrobat document if all is correct in your application. (Please be patient, as it may be a few days before you get a response  !!)

Questions ???
Send Steve WB4OMM an e-mail if you need clarification or have questions.

The HASA award
in all its glory
Get yours soon!


Updated May 22, 2017

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