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The Four State QRP Group is pleased to offer quality kits to the QRP community. This page has links to information on 4SQRP kit offerings.


A PIC based keyer with three memories.  Easy to build and easy to use.  (Available now)

VRX-1 Receiver

A direct conversion receiver for 40 meters, but can be easily modifed for any band from 160 to 10 meters.  (Available now)

Clear Top Tins

Here are the perfect tins to show off and protect your home built projects.  (Available now)

NS-40 Transmitter Kit

The NS-40 is an easy to build class E 40 meter transmitter (Available now)

The HF Test Set

The HF Test Set is a multi-function test instrument ideally suited for the QRP workbench. (Available now)

The following are links to retired kits.

The Tenna Dipper

The "Tenna Dipper" is a low power antenna analyzer and ATU tuning aid.  (Sold out, the kit has been retired)

The KD1JV Power and SWR Meter

Th KD1JV Power and SWR meter is a compact RF power and SWR measuring device for use in the shack or in the field.  (Sold out, the kit has been retired)

Enhanced Manhattan Islander Audio Amplifier

The Enhanced Manhattan Islander Audio Amplifier is perfect for boosting the sound level from your headphone-only QRP rig.  (This kit has been retired)

Four State Dummy Load SMD Starter Kit

The SMD Dummy Load is an easy way to learn SMD soldering techniques and finish with a handy addition to your test bench (This kit has been retired)


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June 19, 2010